Are you worried about unforeseen challenges of technical nature with MPS development? Afraid that you don’t know what you don’t know?

To help reduce the risk of your team getting stuck on a difficult issue, I offer MPS Advisory Service where I answer your technical questions related to MPS with a response time of one business day.

Examples of topics that are covered

  • How to implement a particular editing feature
  • Understanding an error message and suggestions on how to best fix the underlying cause
  • How to automate the build process
  • How to best integrate MPS with a particular system or environment

What is not covered

  • Developing production code – but I might create a small example to illustrate a point or a technique, if necessary.
  • Maintaining or debugging existing code – but I could give you tips to help you do it.

How it works

The service is offered to you as a single person (a team lead, an architect, a CTO). You ask questions by email, I reply to my best ability within one business day, but usually faster. If necessary and convenient, we may jump on a videocall to understand the problem better, but the service is mostly asynchronous.


  • The service costs 3 000 EUR/month (30 days), paid in full in advance.
  • In case of vacations/holidays the duration of the service is extended.
  • To ensure a high quality of service I only take 2 clients in a given month.

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