I got a question related to my e-mails on opening the inspector:

I am struggling to select(focus on) the new added node inside the inspector. I read your article about opening the inspector, but I could not find one on this behavior. editorContext.select(newNode) or newNode.select[in: editorContext] did not work.

Both of the mentioned methods would work, but the problem is that the editorContext above is probably associated with the main editor, not the inspector. To obtain the editor context of the inspector, you can use the following code:

InspectorTool inspectorTool = mpsProject.getComponent(InspectorTool.class);
EditorComponent inspector = inspectorTool.getInspector();
EditorContext inspectorContext = inspector.getEditorContext();

And then you can use inspectorContext in a node.select[...] expression. You would probably also want to focus on the inspector. To do that, you can call inspectorTool.activate().

The only remaining problem is where to get the mpsProject and I have covered this previously.