Since my last post in September, I have been working on a plugin to help solve a problem that annoys professional MPS users and used to bother some of my colleagues as well.

Is it something for you? If your reaction to phrases such as “dependencies should be extracted into build script” and “reload modules from disk” is one of aversion and pain, then you know the problem: MPS makes you do routine mundane work that it could well do itself, interrupting you and distracting you from things (and thoughts) that matter.

To help with this, I created the Build Script Notifier plugin. It will monitor your project for changes in dependencies and alert you as soon as your build script goes stale. In many cases, the build script is easy to update, and in those cases the plugin will offer to do it for you, saving you from the routine of locating the build script, opening it, pressing Alt+Enter, choosing Reload, closing, and trying to remember where you were before you got distracted.

To use the plugin, open Settings/Preferences → Plugins and search for ‘build script notifier’ on the Marketplace tab.